If Chandrababu Is Ready To Die, I’m Also Ready – Posani

“Why should Pawan or Jagan do anything, let Chandrababu Naidu do something being an elected CM of the state,” says Posani Krishnamurali. In the wake of TDP MLC Babu Rajendra Prasad attacking Telugu Industry heroes and actors for not fighting on ‘Special Status’ issue by calling them as men without bravery, the maverick writer-director and actor explained why Tollywood is not joining them.

“If honest leaders come, we’ll definitely support and come forward. Before 2014 elections, Chandrababu said that Special Status is not enough for 5 years, we need it for 15 years. Later after becoming CM, he said that we don’t need status, don’t worry, we’re getting funds. Now he says that we need status, BJP is not giving it, and we have to fight for special status. Is there any honesty in Chandrababu Naidu?” he asks, without even breaking his line for a second.

Okay, forget Naidu, but why Film Stars are not supporting the Special Status cause? When quizzed with this, Posani shot back, “Yes, film stars are a flop and waste fellows. But what about these TDP leaders and Naidu’s government? When some people like Chalasani and Communist Party Madhu took to roads demanding Special Status, TDP government initiated a lathi charge against them. But why they need it now? Why do they need us now? If Naidu is ready to die for Special Status by taking hunger strike, we’ll also follow him to death”.

He made a big remark, albeit a generalised statement. “For your existence, you have waited for 4 years for a special status announcement from BJP, so for our existence, we’ll wait for 40 years. Who are you to ask about that?”, he questioned.

Elaborating more about film stars and their thoughts, Posani added, “Chandrababu and Telugudesam welcomed 23 MLAs who have won on FAN symbol into their party and now they talk about honest of Jagan and Pawan. We (Actors) can’t support political brokers for their aspirations. You politicians are earning money by backstabbing people. But we’re working hard, day and night, under sun and adverse conditions and thereby getting money. So don’t say that we’re not”.

We have to see how TDP cadres will respond to this sharpest attack coming from a man like Posani.