Chandrababu Strategy towards T- issue

When Lord Shiva opens his third eye, it is destruction. Anything in view turns into ashes. Manmadha (Cupid) the God of Love has turned into ashes when he tried to ignite love in Lord Shiva towards Parvati.Has the TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu opened his third eye now on Telangana?This is the question being discussed in political circles now.
Chandrababu has become infamous for his two-eye theory on Telangana. He has described Telangana and Seemandhra regions as his two eyes. This was described by Telangana protagonists as a ploy to scuttle the Telangana process.
Now when strong advocates of Telangana inside the TDP were bringing pressure on Naidu to give a fresh letter consenting to the bifurcation of the state, his party’s Rayalaseema leader Baireddy Rajasekhara Reddy has said if the state was to be divided, it should be three states, dividing even Rayalaseema.
This new slogan of the TDP leader is being seen as the third eye of Naidu by his opponents. TRS leaders are openly charging Naidu of opening his third eye, to undo the process of creation of Telangana. They point out that the center would take this fresh demand for the Rayalaseema as an excuse to once again put the Telangana issue in cold storage.