Chandrababu to get Obama to Vizag?

This may sound like strange news but AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has now reportedly got into the act. Sources say that just like how Naidu convinced Bill Clinton to land in Hyderabad in March 2000, the same is being planned again. 
With Andhra Pradesh all set to project Vizag as the destination of the future, and also Vizag being among the three smart cities chosen by the US for rapid development, experts feel this may not be impossible. With Obama accepting an invite to visit India, second time in his tenure, as the chief guest of India’s republic day on Jan 26, 2015, all eyes are now on Chandrababu. 
Sources say that Babu has begun hectic lobbying right from NRIs in USA to NDA rulers in Delhi. This includes even the Prime Minister and External affairs minister, US state department officials, US embassy and others. Naidu strongly believes that just like how MNCs rushed to Hyderabad after Bill Clinton’s visit, even Obama can push the same momentum.