Chandrababu’s chameleon eyes

Eyes are essential for any human being. One should take extreme care in protecting them but it seems TDP chief Chandra Babu seems to have forgotten the fundamentals. He did not notice that his eyes were having problem and had some infection till the eruption of Telangana moment.When the symptoms were first noticed, instead of diagonising them and getting treatment, he tried to take comfort saying that Telangana and Seemandhra are his two eyes. However little did he realise that his disease will increase till he gets totally blind.
Had Babu analysed himself even at stage things would have been different. However he continued to be adamant and now recently he came with a statement that Hindus and Muslims are his two eyes and due to this he is not aligning with BJP. Now one wonder how come his two eyes which were earlier Telangana and Seemandhra become Hindus and Muslims. If so how to equate them. Muslims with telangana or seemandhra and vice versa.
His political opponents and political analysers feel Babu has gone mad with his myopic eyes and losing foresight. They feel that he is in the process of losing sight completely as his eyes are on verge of turning blind. Hope Naidu take some preventive course of action before it becomes too late.