Charan 50 lakhs lesser to Mahesh?


Hey we are not talking about their respective remunerations, were the gap could be much wider, but we are talking about the rates for their dubbed films in Hindi. Right now, Mahesh bagged highest Hindi dubbing right for “Aagadu” which fetched Rs. 4 crore, but surely Charan is closely behind his arch rival Ram Charan Tej, whose film “Govindu…’ was sold for Rs. 3.5 crore, which is 50 lakhs lesser than highest price till date. 

Even though, their Telugu markets have a difference of atleast 8 to 10 crores, but when it comes to Hindi dubbing rights, Charan is closely behind T-town superstar. It seems that Hindi film “Zanjeer’ although was a flop, but it gave some recognition for scion of Chiru family. May be, sooner than later, Charan could touch Mahesh figure in next few films or Mahesh will stay ahead even in dubbing market rates, which would be interesting to watch out for.