Charan and Tamanna, who is ‘beautiful’?

Ram Charan has shown his lighter side to his Twitter fans on Monday morning by stating that he is not as beautiful as Tamanna. He also added that his cinematographer Sameer Reddy (Racha) made him think twice about this by making him look as good as Tamanna. He thanked the cinematographer after stating this.
This is the actual tweet of Ram Charan, which was instantly liked by his fans. “I know I can’t look as beautiful as my co-star tamanna but then lookin at sameer reddy’s(my cinematographer) work I can re-think.thank u sam.” This shows that Charan has inherited the simplicity and also the sense of humor from his dad, who has won hearts with these qualities.
We all know that Ram Charan is not a great looker. However, he has his own style to look handsome and on par with his contemporary heroes. But to accept that he is not good looking compared to his costar is not we usually expect from a Telugu star. Keep it up Cherry!