Charan embarrassed with Chiru’s English ?

Whenever a marriage happens between two big families more than the likes of the boy and girl, the other factors like wealth, properties, etiquette, status in society etc are checked. However, there are times when all the factors don’t fall in line and this is something Anil Kamineni might have realized recently.
It is heard that during the Fans reception on the eve of Ram Charan’s wedding, the crowds were addressed by Anil, father of Upasna and Chiranjeevi. As expected, Anil Kamineni spoke in a very elegant and sophisticated English. However, it is heard that Chiru spoke in butler English much to the embarrassment of his Viyyankudu.
Sources say that even Charan wore a frown face and it looked like he was waiting when his dad will complete the butler English speech. All in all, it goes to show that only if he is successful Chiranjeevi will have the mega appeal, otherwise he will also be considered a weakling just like anybody else.