Charan, Where Did You Hide This Talent All These Days?

Ram Charan’s Rangasthalam is out and is having a solid run at the boxoffice. The film is registering record collections in Charan’s career. Even if there are a few complaints about the movie, not even a single complaint has been made by fans or critics about Charan’s spectacular performance as Chitti Babu.

Charan’s brave decision to portray a hearing impaired man without worrying about his image and star status is winning everyone’s appreciation. He literally lived in Chitti Babu’s role and let his fans overwhelmed.

In the past, Charan had acted in a few routine mass masala commercial potboilers. In fact, Charan’s performances in some of his earlier movies were criticized heavily by anti-fans and trolls. But even those antis have been left awestruck with Charan’s stunning performance. They all are now wondering “Charan, where did you hide your acting talent all these days?”

Needless to say, Charan has truly arrived as an actor with Dhruva and now Rangasthalam. He will surely make a huge impact if he carefully chooses all his future projects.