Charan quit twitter for Upasana?

Its been three days since Ram Charan quit twitter, the fans are equally worried and had been requesting his come back but the reason behind his exit is not known exactly. We spoke to few people who are active in Mega camp and tried to find a reason behind this.
According to them, From the time he joined the social network site twitter, he started receiving hatred and abusive messages from anti-fans. Haters were not just targeting him alone, he was getting abusive messages on his dad too on every move of his Dad’s political or public life. When it was just on his Dad and him Charan wasn’t bother to care about those messages.
But, after his marriage it took different turn that haters were posting different morphed pictures of his and Upasana with abusive titles to his handler. it will be hard to digest comments on your family who is no way related to his filmy world. It’s very difficult task to see the messages filled with abusive. Cherry’s better half Upasana had reportedly looked at those message and was visbly disturbed. Hence Charan decided to quit twitter for good.