Charan Shows Maturity In Handling Pawan Fans

Looking at the maturity shown by Ram Charan in dealing with Pawan Kalyan’s fans, Mega fans hope that Bunny learns from him.

Last night, Ram Charan attended the audio launch event of Sukumar’s latest production venture ‘Darsakudu’. During his subtle speech, the actor was interrupted by shouts of ‘Babai…Babai’. Charan didn’t say much about Pawan but the very few words he spoke were enough to make the Sardar actor’s fans super happy.

‘We don’t talk daily about the people we like and respect. We don’t talk about our mother daily. Our beloved ones should be in our hearts and not in our words. Although I may not take names often, my family stays in my heart. Please understand this,’ said Charan.

Charan didn’t take the name of Pawan but his words have made fans emotional and very happy. He set an example that Mega heroes don’t have to talk at length about Pawan but just a few endearing words are enough to satisfy his fans.

On the other hand, irritated by ‘Power star’ slogans at Sarrainodu audio function, Bunny uttered the ‘Cheppanu Brother;’ dialogue, and he is allegedly still facing the wrath of the actor’s fans. Bunny was not wrong to get irritated by the repeated chants of Power Star at every ‘Mega family’ event, but his way of handling the situation hurt the emotions of Pawan’s fans.

Fans hope that Bunny follow Charan’s route to pacify Pawan’s fans, and also to win back the allegedly angry Mega fans.