Charan Watches Hrithik’s Moves Carefully

The young Mega-Star is quite apprehensive about his upcoming Bollywood project, feels Tollywood. To ease out his tensions Charan is said to be watching Hrithik carefully.
Well here goes the link between Hrithik and Charan’s Bollywood debut. To add spice to the project, Bollywood hunk Sanjay Dutt is said to be playing the role of villain in the remake of ‘Zanjeer’, in which RamCharan is going for his Hindi debut. After looking at the villainous potential of Sanju in ‘Agneepath’ one can analyze how difficult it is to match his multitalented feat. However, Hrithik outplayed him in the movie with his tug-of-war performance, winning accolades from critics. 
Now, it is the duty of Charan to do the same and hence he is watching Hrithik’s moves from ‘Agneepath’ carefully, a source revealed. Well, young mega star excelled to a max straight in his second movie and this wouldn’t be a difficult game, fans opined. Watch this space for more interesting updates.