Charan’s rare feat stuns Tollywood Biggies

Ram Charan is just a 5-year old in the Industry and had four releases till date, but these factors hadn’t stopped him from setting new records and making a mark of his own.
Ever since Charan’s magnum opus Magadheera got released, it became a benchmark for each and every film of big heroes and several records including ‘Highest Grosser’ still remains untouched. This graphical wonder had also collected a record share of minimum Rs 3 crores in each of the 10 Territories. Coming to Cherry’s recent hit ‘Racha’, this mass entertainer has recorded a share of minimum Rs 2 crores in all the 10 Territories.
Ram Charan is the only hero in Tollywood to have two films, one with Rs 3 crores share and the other with Rs 2 crores share in all the areas. This is a rare feat by any means and the Tollywood big wigs are stunned hearing the phenomenal achievement of the young hero. Great going Mega Powerstar!