Charulatha Vs Duplicate

Charulatha and Duplicate (Maatran in Tamil) are both being made with conjoined twins in the lead role. Priya Mani’s Charulatha is releasing in all four southern film industries; Suriya’s Duplicate has been in production for over a year and will release later this year.
Both the movies have been in a race of sorts, the makers of Charulatha say that except for the fact that both the films feature the lead actors as conjoined twins, there is nothing similar at all.
Suriya’s film is a complete entertainer. It is rumoured to be a 70 crore film and involves lot of mass elements with VFX work incolved. On the other hand, Charulatha has been made on a budget of 6 crore, is a thriller, inspired by a Thai horror film. While the Malayalam and Telugu versions of Charulatha will be dubbed from their Kannada and Tamil versions respectively,
While Suriya’s film is expected to hit the screens much later this year, Priya Mani’s Charu Latha will release this month.