Cheap dialogues passing in name of comedy

Who can forget the good olden days of tollywood when people of all age groups, movie lovers including all family members used to enjoy films comedy scenes without any inhibitions. No one can forget comedy tracks filmed on Relangi and Ramana Reddy, Relangi and Rama Prabha or Geetanjali. However over the period of time, tollywood underwent lot of changes in film making. For the past two decades healthy comedy tracks in tollywood films started deteriorating gradually and in it reached a level now where brother and sister or daughter and parents can’t watch a film together.
Film makers started passing off cheap dialogues and scenes, in the name of comedy giving statements that viewers are enjoying. After happening to watch genex films and the comedy tracks included in them,one tend to wonder as to what message film makers want to send to the movie lovers and society in general. One even wonder whether film makers watch genex films with their family members and what would be their comfort levels in watching double meaning dialogues in the name of comedy.
Over the past decade a new trend came in films where a comedy track making fun of lecturers, having drinks with them. Now comedy tracks having drinks have become integral part of films. Many question why can’t film makers think of making healthy and hilarious scenes, without including double meaning dialogues and drinking scenes.Film makers should make an introspection on these two fronts and bring back golden era in the industry..