Cheating Girls In The Name Of Pawan’s Fans

On one side, Pawan Kalyan is busy conducting exams and making people answer question papers to join Janasena Party. Lesser he knows is, even some thieves write exams very well and they can hide their true colours as well. Here is a terrific case study which the Janasena President needs to do immediately.

One Datti Balaji, Simhadri Balachander and Pilla Devendra Naidu and a couple of other B.Tech students from Eluru town in Andhra Pradesh formed a seven-member team to cheat girls. Sharing the pictures they have got clicked alongside Pawan Kalyan and other celebs, and other pictures where they posed with luxury cars and in airports, this gang befriended many girls and lured them into giving them money. They extorted lakhs of rupees from those women by luring them with false promises including that of a photo-op with Pawan Kalyan.

Also if any girl refused to give them money, they blackmailed them of repercussions including that of leaking private chats and using their Janasena clout to harass them. Falling prey to these tricks, nearly 15 women have given them around 1.25 crores in cash and gold. Finally Eluru police

These type of cheating incidents via Facebook are happening big time these days but what shocks how come many women still believe such culprits just by seeing a picture of them clicked with Pawan Kalyan. However, what is to be seen is, if these cheaters really got a chance to join Janasena Party and another chance to pose with Pawan Kalyan. If that happened, then Janasena core team should find out where they are failing to identify these types of people.

Also, Janasena should be quick in giving clarity about these types of cadres in case if they are really members of the party or not. Whether it is Pawan’s silence on Arun Jaitley’s rude comments on the special status or this type of irritating news, it will be traumatising his cadres as to why he won’t respond promptly at right time.