Cherry becomes Comedian !

Mega fans and entire tollywood look upon Ram Charan or more lovingly known as Cherry as youth icon, style statement and Young Mega Power Star. However to the dismay of all he is turning nothing more than a comedian. When all other heroes are going hammer and tongs and showing their power in their bid to capture the tollywood throne which once decorated his dad Mega Star Chiranjeevi and whom many believe Cherry is the hier apparent, Cherry is just content with including remix songs from his dad’s superhit films believing that those alone will ensure success.
He feels ‘Magadheera’ became hit due to ‘Bangaru Kodi Petta’ from ‘Gharana Mogudu’ and ‘Racha’ became hit with ‘Vana Vana’ from ‘Gang Leader’. So he is insisting on including hit songs ‘Guvva Gorinka To’ and ‘Subhalekha Rasukunna’from ‘Khaidi No 786’ and ‘Kondaveeti Donga’ in his upcoming film under VV.Vinayak direction in which he is playing dual role for the first time in his career.
Already he finished shooting for ‘Guvva Gorinka’ with Kajal and is keen on finishing ‘Subhalekha’. In his efforts to score success he is becoming comedian in the lines of ‘Allari’ Naresh who included ‘Akasam Lo Oka Tara’ in ‘Seema Tapakai’ and is also including ‘Atto Attama Kuturo’ from Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s ‘Alluda Majaka’ in his upcoming film, as tit for tat to Cherry. His previous film included parodies on hit songs and his upcoming film which is a spoof on tollywood’s top hits is expected to include many more songs.
Many feel Cherry’s line of thinking is flawed because just by including his dad’s superhit songs as remixes alone will not ensure success. Any successful film require strong storyline and perfect coordination in sync in all 24 arts of film making which Magdheera had and to some extent Rachcha. They point out that even if Cherry had included remix in his film ‘Orange’, the result wouldn’t have been different due to weak storyline.