Cherry never leaves Childhood passion

ram charan with horse

Mention of blockbuster Maghadeera, reminds us of horse riding skills of reigning star Ram charan and the actor sill hones his horse-riding skills at his friends stable in vikarabad whenever he gets some spare time and loves to mount on his friendly horse which is bred in that stable.

Even charan wouldn’t have imagined, that his interest for horse-riding from childhood, would come in handy, for a his film career, but it happened very fast for him. In fact, ace director Rajamouli informed Charan that he would narrate the story for Magadheera, if only the hero was willing to ride a horse, but was pleasantly surprised when scion of chiru family, revealed that he was a proficient horse rider and rest is history.

Usually, individuals give up their childhood hobbies or skills, but charan kept practicing and his love for the sport, helped him to give one of the biggest hits in T-town. Lesson, never give up your childhood passions, who knows, when you need them.