Cherry to Achieve, What Mahesh Babu Missed?

Prince mahesh babu’s ‘Businessman’ movie was widely publicized that it was the first movie to be released on the same date in three languages like, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. On the day of audio release function too, the audio CDs of all the three languages were released by the makers with full josh. However, the makers of the movie failed to release the movie in other languages as of now. The reasons are still uncertain.
Now, Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s new movie, ‘Rachcha’ is being planned to be released on the same day in four languages and they are, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. The audio release function of the movie will be held in Hyderabad on 9th March.We have to wait and see whether Ram Charan creates a rare record of releasing the movie in multi languages or to get a failure like ‘Businessman’.