Chicago Cops To Quiz TANA Head In Sex Racket?

The federal police in Chicago in the US who are investigating into the alleged sex racked involving several upcoming actress from Tollywood were looking for president of Telugu Association of North America (TANA) president Satish Vemana to question him in connection with the scandal.

The Chicago police last month tried to contact Satish several times seeking his cooperation in the investigation, but was not accessible to them.

Their attempts to send him text and voice messages to him on his mobile number, asking him to appear before them for questioning also proved futile, as his message box was full.

So, the investigating authorities sent a message to TANA secretary requesting him to prevail upon Satish to call back and cooperate in the investigation.

The Chicago police, who arrested M Kishan alias Raju and his wife Chandra alias Vibha in April last and busted the racket, reportedly found two letters of TANA and and Telangana People’s Association of Dallas (TPAD). Apparently, the police wanted to verify whether the letters were genuine or fake.

Apparently, Kishan and Chandra lured the actresses through invites from TANA, TPAD, American Telugu Associaton and Detroit Telugu Association.

During the questioning by the police, the actresses who were forced to indulge in sex trade, told them that they had come to the US on the invitation from these associations coordinated by event manager Kishan.