Chiranjeevi checkmated?

Ever since Mega Star Chiranjeevi merged his much maligned political party PRP in Congress, his opponents attacked him that he entered into a deal with Congress High Command at the Center. Even his estranged party members said that Chiru would be offered key post either at the State or at the Center and started informing to media that Chiru was not interested other than CM post at State or Union Minister at Centre.

Many of his fans started waiting eagerly for the good news everytime Chiru flew to Del or when ever there was some crucial meeting in Delhi. More recently there was even news that Chiru would be made Chairman of TTD. However now that TTD’s current chairman Bapiraju was asked to continue in the same post, Chiru’s one hope has evaporated. Now it has to be seen out of CM and Union Minister which will be offered to Chiru.
Many wonder what is going on in Megastar’s mind. Many times something important in his favor was expected but he always faced disappointments. Political analysts also feel that being branded as Botsa’s close aide and confining himself to just one cast may be his draw backs. Moreover CM Kiran sees him as his enemy and is using all his influence to checkmate him. Now that Botsa in the doc, many feel Megastar Chiranjeevi is checkmated.