Chiranjeevi Scolds Shivaji Raja?

Megastar Chiranjeevi is deeply upset with the recent controversy about irregularities in funds of Movie Artistes’ Association (MAA).His name has been unnecessarily dragged into it, though he is no way connected to the funds and its management.

He magnanimously agreed to attend the events in the US to raise funds to construct a building for MAA. However, the fundraising show in USA not only turned out to be a damp squib, but its rights were also sold for paltry amount.It is now almost confirmed that MAA President Shivaji Raja gave rights to the agency for lesser amount than the originally agreed amount.

The question is why did he agree for such amount? Or was the rest of the amount taken with no mention in accounts? These allegations were made by actor Naresh.Chiranjeevi is said to have scolded Shivaji Raja for dragging his name into this whole controversy.

He is said to have told Sivaji Raja that he should have maintained transparency or handled the mess in a more matured manner.Chiru is founder member of this organization and he is deeply upset with the allegations, though none are against him.