Chiranjeevi to be worshiped by Sampath Nandi !

Tollywood is one place where gods are worshipped and there are equally important gods in the form of human beings. They are demigods and those demigods are the film stars of Tollywood. One among them in Chiranjeevi and right now he is being ranked in the league of Lord Shiva and Lord Vinayakudu.

All this was felt during the audio release of the film ‘Rachcha’. Director Sampath Nandi was sharing his thoughts when he said “I should thank three people from my heart. They are Chiranjeevi, Megastar Chiranjeevi, Padma Bhushan Chiranjeevi. I will put his photo frame next to Lord Shiva and Vinayakudu in my home.”

As such, there is nothing wrong in what he said. Anyone who has given break in life which takes you to the big league will be an unforgettable person and equal to god. That way, Sampath has rightly declared his heart’s feelings. If ‘Rachcha’ becomes a hit then it would surely be worth his prayers.