Chiranjeevi’s Unnoticed Entry And Exit In Flight


The recently concluded SIIMA awards in Malaysia was nothing short of a great festival for the cine folks and one exciting thing for them was the presence of megastar Chiranjeevi. Chiru came for SIIMA awards in Malaysia but there is something intriguing. Hyderabad to Malaysia has a single flight and all from Tollywood came in the same flight.

They were feeling proud that they are travelling with Chiru but he was nowhere to be found. All were wondering how did Chiru come to Malaysia but here is the secret. After everyone got in, the curtains of economy class were closed and the executive class passengers were allowed. Then Chiru was brought in from somewhere.

Only those in executive class knew about his presence and that too they were just 18 seats. Chiru also had his entourage. After landing, they were sent first and after ten minutes the rest ie economy class passengers were made to exit. By that time they went through VIP checking and exited. Same happened when the flight came from Malaysia to Hyderabad. That’s why nobody could see him. When Chiru was minister he had good rapport with the Malaysian authorities so he got VVIP treatment.