Chiranjeevi willing to get rid of AP politics

Megastar-MLA from Tirupati K Chiranjeevi is believed to be fed up with the Congress party politics in the state so much so that he wants get out of the state as early as possible.

For the last few days, Chiranjeevi has not been evincing any interest in the assembly proceedings and has not participated in the discussions on any subject. Though he has been coming to the assembly on and off, he is mostly confined to his chamber. He is learnt to have told his group MLAs that he has lost interest in the state politics, leave alone dreaming about becoming Chief Minister in future.

Apparently, Chiranjeevi is not confident that in the present circumstances, the Congress party will come to power for the third successive term in the state and so, there is a little role for him in the state politics. His only hope now is that the Congress would fulfill its promise of sending him to Rajya Sabha, if not honoring him with the central cabinet post.

So, he wants to settle in Delhi for the next six years and then decide what to do next.