Chiranjeevi’s ‘Spoiler Speech’ Shocks Team Rangasthalam!

Megastar Chiranjeevi is usually a very good speaker at film functions. He talks at length about the cinema and praises each and everyone even though he is not part of the film. He gets to see the film before attending the function but never gives out spoilers in his speech.

However, at Rangasthalam pre release event, Megastar had a slip of the tongue and revealed a crucial twist in the film.Chiranjeevi while talking about Ram Charan’s performance said “Charan’s performance in the scene where Aadhi dies is superb,” leaving team Rangasthalam shell-shocked.

He didn’t realize the mistake and went on to say that the scene comes in the climax of the film.DSP and Sukumar are visibly astonished at Chiranjeevi’s speech as he revealed a crucial twist in the film.

Hope this revelation doesn’t spoil the visual experience of viewers and the scene has enough drama in it to click in spite of the leak.It is not a nice idea for anybody to show full film prior to theatrical release to avoid such bloopers.