Chiru encourages Ram Charan partying in Mumbai

Ram Charan is doing things which are thought not possible for a Telugu hero to do. Even Megastar hasn’t wrapped such popularity at National level even after acting in a couple of Hindi movies. Now the question is about Chiru’s support to him.
While he is busy with the shoot of ‘Zanjeer’ during day time, Ram Charan is keeping busy with parties during the evenings. His dinner with Bollywood hunk Salman and another outing with spicy siren Bipasha Basu is an example of this. Sources are saying that Chiru is giving full support to Charan’s parties as that will help him get much publicity and contacts. It is not only acting and on his work one should concentrate.
Keeping a tab on happenings in the tinsel town by attending the hot gala events in the nights, will help you market in the town, which Ram Charan needs well at this point of time. Chit chats with heroines and fun time with heroes is all part of the game, and Chiru’s, Upasna’s family knows this well it seems.