Chiru got first win as Congress Leader !

After the mega merger of Prajarajyam party into the ruling Congress party, megastar Chiru faced many obstacles, delays and insults. For the first time, his ‘word’ has won in the party.
Efforts poured by many factions to get an upper hand over getting Tirupathi ticket have got shocked with Chiru’s win. Finally, the ticket is allotted to Venkataramana with a support from megastar and his associates like Botsa. Even CM Kiran got failed to fetch this ticket for Galla Arunakumari’s son Galla Jayadev, who is fighting from a long time. Sources revealed that high-command has given importance to Chiru’s word rather CM and others. Looks like, our newly elected RajyaSabha member got a strong hold in Delhi office.
But, political observers are saying that considering Venkataramana’s political experience and community support, Congress high-command has finalized his name as this election is moreover a prestige issue for them.