Chiru Group demands Excise Ministry !

One thing is clear. Chiru and group wants to dominate the show in AP Congress and that looks like the only reason behind the actor’s firing on his own party. They are now demanding ‘liquor’ to cool down, say some reports.
It is not a literal demanding of ‘liquor’ but the post that controls the entire liquor flowing in the state. Erstwhile PRP leader and present Congress MLA, Thota Trimurthulu is said to be demanding the post of Excise Minister. This ministry has fallen vacant after the arrest of Excise minister Mopidevi Venkataramana by CBI sleuths. Analysts say that to prove their dominance in the ruling party, Chiru is backing his MLAs to come up with pricy demands from the rulers. With his attack on high-command and cadres, Megastar garnered attention all of a sudden and the Delhi bosses might bend their heads for him.
Keeping the ‘commercial’ importance of this post in mind, many seniors are lobbying for this ‘Excise Minister’ post, splitting the party into many groups. We have to see how Sonia, CM Kiran and Botsa take stands to satisfy Chiru!