‘Chiru-ness Vs Charan’ In Long Run!

While magnum opus ‘Magadheera’ unveiled the striking performance him, ‘Racha’ proved that he is a stupendous extension to his father, megastar Chiranjeevi. But, can this ‘Chiru-ness’ help him win accolades in the coming future is the question.
Chiranjeevi’s mannerisms are the ones that bowled out fans after his spectacular dances and fights. Likewise, Charan also started to adopt those mannerisms in ‘Racha’. However, he hasn’t tried anything new, but simply carbon copied his dad’s work from movies like ‘Gangleader’ and ‘Gharanamogudu’. In delivering punch dialogues, walking crazily and while talking with villains, it’s Chiru we feel rather Charan. Critics are saying that in the long run ‘Chiru-ness’ may not help him grow in terms of a star-hero as people are bored with such ‘mass’ gestures already.
But, fans are denying this, saying ‘We’ll be happy if Charan continues as an extension to Megastar. He has already proved his mettle as an actor. So, let him now do his dad’s stuff to enthrall us’. As long as story supports the film, any characterization suits these star-kids well for the kind of fan-base they have.