Chiru sataires on Mohan Babu continues !

Ever since the ‘Vajrotsavalu’ happened, a rather cold and unusual war began between Chiranjeevi and Mohan Babu. Since then, both have been doing their best to throw satires at each other. Of course, there have been times when both became cordial but it appears that the past memories are still fresh.

The recent felicitation of ANR on his 75 years completion became the venue for that. Mohan Babu in his usual style stirred the audience when he quipped about how good an actor he is and added that he is a better actor than ANR himself. Later, ANR’s turn came and in his wise ways he threw a satirical punch on Mohan Babu who had no words.

All this was being enjoyed silently by Chiru for a while and then he tried to make his presence felt by trying to play peacemaker. After the event, it is heard that Chiru was having a hearty laugh with his close circles on this incident and reportedly quipped that Mohan Babu got tit for tat.