Should Chiru stop releasing these trailers?

In Telugu Film Industry, it is quite natural that new filmmakers would like to get star actors to launch the trailers and audio of their movie, as it would help them promote  their film to larger section of audiences.

Certainly, the small-budget film makers in the industry doesn’t like to miss a chance to get a star hero release their film poster/teaser/trailer. But, now-a-days, Megastar Chiranjeevi is seen launching most of the trailers and most of them are small budget movies. Owing to obligations from close associates, Chiru is agreeing to release the trailers without checking the content and quality in prior.

On Saturday, Megastar released trailer of ‘Desamlo Dongalu Paddaru’, featuring Ali’s brother Kayyum in lead role. Chiru might have agreed to launch it only because of the long association with Ali but it’s poorly made with not-so-impressive content.

When a star like Chiranjeevi provides his acceptance to release a teaser or trailer of a film, the makers need to access their contest on multiple parameters like -is it high on quality with acceptable content? Does the story deserve the attention of audiences?

At the same time, fans of Megastar also want him and his managers to verify the trailer on all parameters before giving a nod to launch it. Megastar Chiru is also scheduled to launch the Telugu trailer of ‘Pyaar Prema Kaadhal’, a Tamil dubbed film, on Monday evening.

When the trailer has solid content to gain the audiences’ eye, no star is required to stretch it to masses. Arjun Reddy and RX100 proves our statement, as trailers of both the films went viral on social media with no big star involved.