Chiru Taught A Lesson To All Heroes

Generally, when an actor does something on-screen, people tend to follow it. Likewise when a senior actor like Chiru sets some guidelines, his juniors too follow. Check out what he has taught to all our heroes!
With his hyped entry and black eyed exit from active politics, Telugu heroes now fear to get into this mud. Taking the shade of a particular political party is different from starting our own institution altogether. Chiru has taught all these things well. One can now say, other than legendary NTR, every Telugu actor of all statures failed in politics. Attracting people on-screen is fairly different from building a place in their hearts in real life. More than that, dealing cadres and inspiring them to work hard irrespective of the position they were given is a big thing in politics. No doubt, Chiru failed in this aspect miserably.
All the big-wigs gyrating around megastar are mere power-freaks and that can be understood from their jumping to various parties after PRP was merged. Off course, picking the right person vests with the leader, there is nothing to abuse those greedy followers. This is the one major point where his PRP failed absolutely. Right from ticket allocation to cadre selection, there is no proper basis for the entire process which had maligned Chiru’s dreams of becoming Chief Minister of state.