Chiru tries to make his presense Live !

Though it has been a while since Chiranjeevi has entered politics, he is still trying to swim against the tough waves and prove his presence. Whether this will prove fruitful in the long run or not, it sure has created a major dent in the Tollywood circuit. And many in the cine circuit are crying about it.
It is heard that Chiru had a tradition when he was in film industry. Whenever the film of another hero becomes a hit, he used to congratulate them by sending flower bouquets. This showed his magnanimity and the true flavor of megastar. But today, he has lost that demigod status and is a face among the crowd of crooked politicians.
The cine folks are saying “Chiranjeevi lived like a king and had a glory in film industry. Unnecessarily he went to politics and lost the entire aura. What was the necessity for him? How nice it would have been if he was still here and delivered few more blockbusters.” Well, if only Chiru had the wisdom…