Chowdary-Naidu Feelings Of Telugu Directors

Is Telugu Film Industry caste biased? General outlook is that only people who hail from the castes of Kamma (Chowdary) and Kapu (Naidu) get offers here as those two caste-based producers, directors and heroes have occupied the fore. Though there are stars from many other castes too, focus always shifts onto these two said-to-be warring factions. Surprisingly, comments of two directors have ignited a row about these caste based remarks, claims and unneeded flattery. 
A director who hails from Kamma community has made some caste-based comments, highlighting his caste and then pointing out at a star mass hero. It took no time for neutral fans and caste-based fans take sides and start a war on his Facebook page. That finally led the director to deactivate his FB page before claiming with everyone that his page got hacked. Ironically this struggling director has recently delivered a ‘mega’ hit with a newcomer. Another popular ‘boothu’ director from Kapu clan has gone on-record at an audio function to say that fans are just caste based in Tollywood. 
Will the caste-feeling, caste-loving proud talks of these creative directors really nourish any profits? Frankly speaking, creativity and passion is a couple in Telugu Film Industry but not these castes. NTR and Dasari delivered classics, while Chiranjeevi and Raghavendra Rao come up with industry hits. We have Vinayak and NTR creating wonders at box office, while Rajamouli and Charan made the latest industry hit. 
All these duos hail from so called warring Kamma-Kapu faction, but never had they acknowledged these castes or any biased talks. Time for few arrogant caste-loving film makers to come out of their shell to have a look at the liberal world that honors creativity and awards respect basing on results not castes. It’s foolish to hover around caste in this digital age of advancement and growth.