Clash between beautiful heroines for Toothpaste

It is a natural thing to see rivalry between two top league heroines in the terms of bagging offers or making their presence felt in front of media. However, it is heard that a different type of competition has emerged among the leading ladies and this is happening in the brand endorsement circuit.
With easy money and not much strain on the cards, many starlets are showing interest in grabbing maximum offers for brand endorsements. One such thing has happened between the petite beauty Trisha and the awesome beauty Anushka. And the product we are talking is Colgate Toothpaste.
So far, it was Trisha who was the brand ambassador for this. But now, sources say her place has been given to Anushka. Not only that, Anushka has been roped in to promote the toothpaste in both Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Given her following in both regions, this comes across as a wise decision.