CM stars’ smiling on Chiru?

CM chair seems to have become musical chairs play for Congress high command at center. When it happens just like it is happening in Andhra Pradesh at present, then rumors will fly high and people don’t know whom to believe and which news to accept. Friends will change foes and foes will becoming friends before one blinks his eyeball and things change quick and fast. State of AP has been hearing the news of CM change ever since he was sworn in. This has been the situation after the tragic death of YSR who used to be the strong force. This even his detractors when he was alive and now vouch for.
The day Congress lost by elections, which has now become a habit for the party, many predicted change in CM post. However nothing of that sorts happened and when aspirants for CM post lost their hopes, suddenly came the Gas issue in which stakes are high for the state. However none including the cabinet ministers and Union Petroleum Minsiter Jaipal Reddy thought so. This became weapon for CM Kiran who lost all his hopes of continuing in the CM post. He single handedly won the battle and bought gas back to state.
However with speculation of CM change, many contenders are trying their luck and started testing their chances. Some like Jana Reddy, Jaipal Reddy and others in cabinet along with Botsa Satyanarayana are silently trying their chances. However many feel Megastar Chiranjeevi may turn out to be the dark horse just like Kiran emerged when Rosaiah was booted out. During that time there were strong contenders but Sonia pulled Rabbit Kiran from her hat. Who knows this time if luck favors Chiru he could well be AP’s next CM. Better Chiru plays his card close to his chest and if he manipulate things accordingly he will be in with a golden opportunity. All the best Chiru!