CM’s shockers to Media !

What would be the condition of people when they go to CM to get permission but in turn find some of their earlier liberties snatched away from them?.Media personnel experienced the same shocking experience when they went to Secretariat to invite Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy for Iftar party. All the muslim media journalists went to the CM, to invite him for Iftar party and some over enthusiasts in the media expecting CM Kiran to dole out various offers went over board.

CM on listening to their invitation, agreed to come and grace the occasion having lunch with them and then enquired them where the lunch would be hosted. Happy media professionals informed media that it was not far away from his block and they are organising in front of Secretariat, in Media Lounge. CM put a questionable and expressionless face informed them that the Govt was considering to do away with media lounge and asked them to look for an alternate venue. CM left media in awe without waiting for their reply.
Now shocked media journalists saddened, started consoling each other. As if this was not enough CM Kiran Kumar who agreed to grace their Iftar party later sent message to them that he wouldn’t be able to attend their function.