CM’s victory saddens Cabinet

Never in the history of world politics this would have happened. If a leader leads his team to victory in any field then it will be celebrated by all the members of the team, irrespective of individual failures. However present day politics of Andhra Pradesh is presenting new scenario where even if the leader scores a victory, it won’t be celebrated by the team in which individuals who are born detractors of the leader. CM Kiran Kumar Reddy who was till recently accused of being a puppet at the hands of Center scored his first victory in his bid to save the state from acute power crisis. He took a hard stand, fought with Union Petroleum Minister Jaipal Reddy , hailing from the same state and when he washed off his hands, made a strong representation with PM Manmohan Singh, stopping undue diversion of state’s natural gas resources to Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri thermal project.
Entire media hailed the CM for the first time, however his cabinet criticized him going hammer and tongs for hatching a plot and defaming Petroleum Minister Jaipal Reddy. They even went to the extent of giving the whole issue T-Color saying that CM is anti telangana and so insulted the minister coming from Telangana region. Common people however were shocked at the opportunistic behavior of these politicians who are selling the stakes of the State for their petty political gains. One senior leader of Congress on anonymity said CM Kiran when everyone lost hopes on him and thought of contemplating a change, turned a match winner and scored a last ball six from the jaws of victory but none are celebrating his victory. He said CM’s victory came too late for him.