Coastal Andhra Producers Invading Tollywood

If any of you are feeling that the economics of Tollywood is seeing a downslide owing to the number of flops that are happening, then here is something to cheer about. Very soon, an invasion is going to take place on the industry and this is going to be done by a good number of people from Coastal Andhra. 
Apparently, the real estate boom is on a high in coastal Andhra and those who are selling lands are getting loaded with cash bags. The interesting part is, those who are selling their lands have a lot of bug for cinema and they want to make movies. It is heard that usually four out of ten people there have that itch for cinema. 
Among the four, two are already fixed on producing and the other two take some time before they commit. Feelers are coming that they are keen to come here and dump their cash. So, in another six months, the industry will flourish in a big way, as per the seniors of filmnagar circles. If that happens then it would be a very good sign for the aspiring filmmakers who are on constant hunt for producers.