Colors swathi new film hurts Bala Krishna fans

Sometimes few film titles can bring you smile and sometimes they even can make you anger. The second part applies for Colors swathi next film and this only applies for Bala Krishna fans. Well what’s the story behind this anger and why only Bala Krishna fans are angry on Colors swathi news films here are details?

“Idega Aashapaddav Bala Krishna”, that’s not any movie dialogue or a comedy punch that’s the movie title of Colors swathi next film and it is a direct remake of Tamil film. This movie title is a hotspot of film nagar now and more surprisingly a beer bottle is placed to show Bala Krishna name in title.
Many are surprised to see such a title and Bala Krishna fans are not at all happy with both title and logo. But sorry boys either movie or title resembles our Bala Krishna, in fact movie title is also same in Tamil ending with Bala Kumari, So film unit had no choice than going for this title. Movie will release by this summer.