Their Comments Are Disgraceful: Rakul

For the past few weeks, Tollywood has been in all sorts of news with a few Telugu actresses coming out in public about the casting couch menace in the film industry. The issue turned ugly when a news channel host made derogatory comments on women in Tollywood.

Several Tollywood stars, including Rakul Preet Singh, strongly condemned the host’s comments. Rakul went on to say that she has never faced any embarrassing situation throughout her career in Tollywood.

Rakul’s comments were rebutted by Telugu starlets Madhavi Latha and Sri Reddy. Madhavi Latha accused Rakul, saying that she is ‘lying’ about no casting couch in Tollywood as she’s scared of losing offers. On the other hand, Sri Reddy opined that Rakul should have come forward and spoken the truth to create awareness among young girls who enter film industry.

In a sharp counter, Rakul said that the comments made by Madhavi Latha and Sri Reddy are disgraceful to Tollywood. “When I first saw the video, I didn’t believe it. Just imagine, from the actors’ point of view. My parents don’t know Telugu, but if they understood that news, what will they think? They’ll think this is the industry I’m working in. Their comments disgrace Tollywood,” said Rakul.