Communists losing people’s confidence

Communists in Andhra Pradesh seems to be losing the confidence of people. From the time of its inception they couldn’t make their presence felt in the state. To get support they started supporting the violent ways of maoists who used to kill innocent villagers in the name of police informers. They never used to leave even former maoists who had change of heart. Forgetting the fact that even a police constable come from poor family they used to detonate bombs, killing many attracting wrath of many. 
To gain power both CPI and CPM used to collectively take decisions and unitedly allign with either Congress of TDP according to the political situation. Even then they couldn’t increase their support base. The reasons could be in the name of helping poor these parties used to occupy lands owned by middle class people and hand it over to the poor, thus alienating them completely. Many times they voiced their opinion against majority hindus in support of religious conversions hurting their feelings. Even when YSR’s popularity was on high, just to gain some political mileage aligned with TDP, thus making even poorest of the poor move away from them. 
Its leaders like Narayana and Raghavulu seems to be fighting for personal benefits rather than win over the confidence of people. Many feel communists are hard to mend their ways and even after another two decades they will be following their principles blindly without realising the fact that Communist Govt’s in China and Russia rapidly changed their strategies and policies to move ahead beating other countries in the world.