Communists Turn Parasites In Both States!

The Communist parties – CPI and the CPI (M), which had once dominated the politics across the country, have now virtually turned parasites in the Telugu states.Before every elections, these Left parties had the habit of running around one or the other party for alliances.

In the previous elections, they had joined hands either with the Congress or the Telugu Desam Party. In 2014 elections, they could not join hands with either of it, because the Congress divided AP and had become a villain in the eyes of the people while the TDP had an alliance with the BJP.In Telangana, too, there were no takers for them, as they opposed the Telangana formation. Yet, both the parties had won just one seat each and finally, the CPI MLA switched over to the Telangana Rashtra Samithi.

This time, too, the Left parties had no way to ally with the Congress or the TDP in Andhra Pradesh. They tried to make friendship with the YSR Congress party, but they realised that he might go with the BJP. So, they are running after the Jana Sena Party headed by actor Pawan Kalayn.In Telangana, the CPI and the CPI-M are in a dilemma as to what stand they would take. The CPI is now contemplating joining hands with the Congress and bargain for a seat or two to retain its identity. But CPI (M), as a matter of policy, does not want to go with the Congress.

So, here also, the CPI (M) wants to go with the Jana Sena. On Monday, CPI (M) Telangana unit secretary Tammineni Veerabhadram wrote a letter to Pawan Kalyan expressing his party’s interest in joining hands with Jana Sena in Telangana.Following his advice, Political Affairs Committee (PAC) of Jana Sena held a meeting in Hyderabad to discuss about CPM State General Secretary Veera Bhadram’s letter.

PAC stated that it needs more clarity to decide whether the alliance would be restricted to fighting for resolving public issues or it would go on to contest in the upcoming elections to the State Assembly.