Competition in Politicians for Sex with Me – Tara

Confession statement of Tara Chowdary in the sensational sex-racket case is revealing shocking things. The small time actress has finally spilled beans pushing more politicians into tight spot.

Finally, the sex-racket lady revealed how she got into the trade and lured other girls from various cities into prostitution forcefully. ‘By promising them jobs, I’ve lured them to my house and took some semi-nude pictures of them, which were used later to blackmail them’, stated Tara in her statement. She revealed that politicians used to compete with each other to have sex with her, but hasn’t directly stated any names of them, says a police source. Though she claimed her innocence in the public, her confession statement says that she did everything for luxuries and publicity, and quoted that she is a victim of conspiracy.

She expressed a strong desire to lead a innocent life after coming out of this case. ‘I want to quit all these things and lead a peaceful life in Bangalore after my release’, she said. Police are saying that her life is at risk once she comes out of police custody. Complete confession statement of Tara Chowdary is not revealed to media yet. Watch this space for updates.