Cong at State and Center minting mines

When CAG found fault with the system of allocation of coal blocks by Center and directly indicted PM Manmohan Sigh, Congress went hammer and tongs accusing the opposition parties of hatching a conspiracy against its Government. It said all the coal allocations were done by opposition ruled states. It again went on to say that it was just following the policy of the then NDA govt at the center.
Analysts however find fault at UPA Govt’s argument and point out to its earlier argument which was similar in 2G case. However two of its ministers were arrested and sent packing to Tihar Jail. Now they predict the same result with Coal Minister Jai Prakash Jaiswal next in queue. People are aghast with the functioning of State and Central Govt’s led by Congress, as its entire rule is tainted with scams and corruption charges.
It conveniently shifts the blame on its coalition partners and in State shifts the blame on YSR who ruled the state after leading Cong to power. All this shows that it is not interested in giving good governance to people of the country and the state but is interested in minting money with mines and then increasing petrol and power charges taxing people on essential items. It has to be seen what will be the reaction of the people who voted the party to power in the last elections.