Congratulations To AP People: Vijay Deverakonda

Crazy hero Vijay Deverakonda said he basically don’t remember the fact that there are two Telugu states and to his generation, the two Telugu states are one.

Vijay said the above statement at the ‘NOTA’ public meet held in Vijayawada. “Congratulations people of Andhra Pradesh on the new capital, Amaravati. I heard a lot of developmental activities are going on in this new region and it’s good to hear,” said Vijay and added that he last came to Vijayawada about three years back.

About ‘NOTA’ Vijay Deverakonda said, “This film is going to be a mix of cinema and politics which the people of Vijayawada like and we are bringing you a super hit film.” Vijay then promised to the audience in a typical oath taking style like a politician and it made the crowd cheer “ROWDY… ROWDY…”

Actress Mehreen said, ‘NOTA’ is going to be above everything and glad to be part of this film. ‘NOTA’ is releasing on October 5th.