Congress contributes Jagan to gain Sympathy !

Opponents of the YSR Congress chief Y S Jaganmohan Reddy who dismissed the stunning victory his party YSR Congress has posted in the recent by-elections as due to sympathy generated by his arrest, are now stating that the sympathy would not last long.
These critics are forgetting one fact that all pre-poll surveys conducted before his arrest had indicated that Jagan would win majority of seats. May be he got one or two seats more because of the sympathy. But fact remains that people wanted change. If the vote was for change, this desire of the people would not die down.
If the victory is only because of sympathy and it had died down, then why has the Congress party appointed a ministers’ committee to do research work on the poll results and suggest ways to strengthen the party?
Why is the TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu holding constituency-wise review meetings?
If the sympathy had died down, both the ruling and opposition parties could relax as Jagan would not be a force to reckon with, by the 2014 general elections.
Who is not corrupt?
YSR Congress leader Chegondi Harirama Jogaiah has argued that people had voted for Jagan as they did not believe the corruption charges leveled against Jagan. He has also said that people were questioning leaders of other parties, who was not corrupt.
Jogaiah was of the view that the sympathy for Jagan would continue as long as the congress continues foul-mouthing and persecuting him. He says Congress leaders would themselves contribute sympathy to Jagan as they would surely continue to talk ill of him and continue persecution.