Congress ‘P’ play with Telangana

Congress Party many not open its mouth on Telangana but the party’s T-MPs, MLAs and other self proclaimed leaders give coloring in front of media that they have got assurances from her highness Sonia Gandhi. However any person with little bit of understanding of the party’s game plan understand that it is more interested in saving its governments at state and center rather than grant statehood to Telangana.
This was the reason that whenever there was any trouble for its Govt at the Center or it wants the votes of its MPs hailing from this region, arrange for meeting with Sonia where not even lip service is done on the issue. Sonia and the central leadership well experienced in tackling rebellion by hook or crook, use various means and carrot and stick methods to bring these MPs and MLAs to their side. Watching them how they managed parties like SP, BSP, TMC and leaders like Mulayam, Maya, Mamata , managing T MPs is child’s play for them. If they defy Sonia’s orders central agencies like CBI, IT, ED, ACB and others will be unleashed.
When national leaders like Laloo, Mulayam, Maya fell at Sonia’s feet it would be hard to imagine that MPs from telangana defy the high command. Many feel that Congress renowned high command is managing TRS chief KCR who blows hot and cold when it was irrelevant than relevant. It is all congress’s ‘Power’ play with the people of Telangana. When general elections near in 2014, one can witness more powerful ‘P’ play from Congress.