Congress’ real rivals

Congress which ruled the country for most of the time is unable to find out who its real rivals are. All its leaders and cadres across the country and in Andhra Pradesh are so battle friendly that they are always on lookout to wage bitter battles with opponent political parties. If opposition is not willing to fight these battles, then they start fighting in between themselves thus neglecting country’s and state’s development. This is the main problem of Congress due to which people will be eager to teach the party fitting lessons many times presenting them devastating defeats. However neither the party nor its leaders mend their ways as they are aware that there is no alternative for people to choose between.
One look at present state leaders leave all disgruntled with the party. APCC chief Botsa fights CM Kiran and then again both of them travel together and give joint statements rubbing shoulders with each other. Ministers will be part of the cabinet decision but then come out in open and take to roads creating law and order problem, behaving like rowdies. Leaders from one region spit venom on other region in broad day light but the same leaders will dine with each other during nights.
This shows that Congress’ real enemies are its leaders who are creating confusion in cadre on whether to fight the opposition or fight between themselves.