Congress Seeks Jagan’s Support ?

Politics is all about adding and deleting at our convenience, and there are nothing like long term friends and dreaded enemies here. Now that YS Jagan came triumphant in recent by-polls by winning 15 seats, Congress is after him.
In the wake of presidential election, Sonia wants to get their candidate elected with huge majority. Right now, Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee is their candidate for whom they are busy collecting support from all. Coming to our state, already Cong has approached KCR secretly and their next target is Jagan, as he is having as many seats as TRS. On the flip side, NDA is also showing massive interest to meet Jagan party in this connection.
Jagan’s decision will reveal the future of YSR-Congress at National Level in 2014 elections. We have to now see if Jagan supports BJP led NDA or Congress led UPA. Sources are saying that he is titled towards Congress only!